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"Acceptance starts with understanding"



Serving as a volunteer tutor for one day



Masks For Charity Sale



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Serving as a volunteer tutor for one day

APF is delighted to have Mr. Joey Leung, a renowned theatre actor, as the ambassador of the campaign this year. Joey has always been concerned about social welfare and devoted to charities. As the campaign ambassador, Joey visited our centre as a volunteer tutor for one day, and had a cookery lesson and played games with youths and children with ASD.


Serving as a volunteer tutor for one day

Masks For Charity Sale



APF has launched two styles (Adult and Junior) of limited edition masks for “Autism Awareness Actions”. The raised funds from this charity sale would be for providing ABA treatment and other related services to underprivileged children with ASD and their families.


成人 Adult:175mm x 95mm (±5mm)

售價 Price:HK$49/盒 Box


小童 Junior:142mm x 92mm (±3mm)

售價 Price:HK$40/盒 Box



Story Sharing

要減少誤解   便要從認識開始

「我們很晚才發現Jacob有自閉症。」Jacob媽媽憶起兒子大約一歲半時,還未懂得說話,而且情緒起伏很大,十分擔心。Jacob爸爸覺得媽媽過份緊張﹐認為男孩子普遍會晚點才開口說話。媽媽透露她當時複雜的心情:「我曾懷疑Jacob有自閉症,但一直以為自閉症很大機會是源自遺傳,而我和先生的家庭並沒有人患有自閉症,所以我一直不願意相信和面對Jacob或會有自閉症 。」

To reduce misunderstanding  

We have to start with awareness

"We found out very late that Jacob had autism." Jacob's mother recalled that her son, who could not speak and had emotional extremes when he was one-and-a-half years old. The father thought that the mother was overly concerned, as he believed that boys usually started to talk later. The mother revealed her mixed feelings at the time, "I once suspected that Jacob had autism, but I thought that autism had a great chance of being genetic. Neither someone from my husband’s nor my family had autism, so I had always been unwilling to believe that Jacob might have autism."