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每年的4月2日是「世界關注自閉症日」。有別於往年,愛培自閉症基金今年移師到網上舉行直播分享會。我們的關懷大使 Zeno Koo 顧定軒、善加與他的爸爸,以及智恆與他的媽媽與大家一起玩遊戲和分享他們的經歷。節目內容非常豐富,大家可以重溫以下直播短片!

Autism Awareness Actions 2021 Livestream


It is "World Autism Awareness Day" on every 2nd April. Different from past years, Autism Partnership Foundation held the livestream this year. Our Ambassador Zeno Koo, Sin Ka and his dad, and also Chi Hang and his mom came to play games and share their experience with us. Just click the below link to replay the livestream!



APF is going to organise a variety of activities to raise public awareness of autism, including talk & workshop, microfilm production & screening, exhibition, charity sale and contest. Please stay tuned.