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2020 Online Campaign

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在2020年,「關注自閉症大行動」的主題為「認識自閉症   每59個兒童便有1個」。你知道嗎?每59個兒童便有1個是有自閉症*,自閉症的普遍性和後果是我們不能忽視的!



In 2020, "Understanding Autism    The Unique 1 in Every 59 Children" is the theme of “Autism Awareness Actions”.

Do you know? 1 in every 59 children has autism*. High prevalence of autism together with its impacts are something that we cannot afford to ignore!

*Figures from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States in 2018, which have been updated to 1 in every 54 children has autism in March 2020

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