In response to “Autism Awareness Actions”, Ahiru No Pekkle (Pekkle), who is always kindhearted, join APF to support children with autism!


APF works with Pekkle to launch two styles of limited T-shirts to raise funds for supporting APF’s services. The luminous effect and gold foil design of Pekkle T-shirts are very eye-catching. Your support can bring hope to more underprivileged children with autism. Don’t miss this chance!


T-shirts are available at HK$188 each, HK$360 for two; each will be delivered together with a complimentary shopping bag. Let’s join Pekkle to help more children in need!

Besides, we still have some Christmas towel sets and wreaths for charity sale. If you are interested, please also take them home.


Christmas Wreath: HK$399

Towel Set: HK$149 for 1 set, HK$280 for 2 sets

2 Towel Sets & 1 Wreath: HK$650


Limited Stock, please act fast and send your order with your contact number to, we will get back to you very soon.

為響應「關注自閉症大行動」,心地善良的Ahiru No Pekkle(AP鴨)出動支持自閉症兒童!






毛巾套裝:HK$149一套 / HK$280兩套



Fitting Report - Size M 試穿報告 - 中碼    

Model Reference

Height: 181 cm

Shoulder length: 46 cm


身高:181 cm

肩闊:46 cm

Model Reference

Height: 169 cm

Shoulder length: 41 cm


身高:169 cm

肩闊:41 cm

Christmas Towel Sets & Wreaths


ABOUT US 關於我們 

"Blue" is a colour synonymous with "supporting autism" worldwide. Every year, autism organisations around the world celebrate the "World Autism Awareness Day" with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events.

APF would like to invite you to partner with us, to bring  autism awareness and acceptance to the fore in Hong Kong, on every 2nd April and every day.





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