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Background & Objectives

Autism Partnership Foundation (APF) is committed to helping people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to unleash their potential and embrace themselves with independence and high quality of life. Starting from 2016, APF advocates public education and celebrates the "World Autism Awareness Day" designated by the United Nations on every 2nd April to raise public awareness and attentions towards autism. Since the initial initiative of “Dress Blue Day” ("blue" is the global colour synonymous with "supporting autism"), APF has been gradually expanding the scale and actions taken for the initiative, transforming it into “Autism Awareness Actions” in recent years. By organising different types of talks and activities, we aim to raise public awareness of autism, strengthen the general public’s understanding and attention to the issue, in order to let the public to be willing to accept people with autism and help them to integrate into the community.

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